ROSE Miss Coyness USB 10 function


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The sensational toy has a unique system of non-contact stimulation combined with vibrations.

When applied to the body, the silicone tip gently stimulates your sensitive areas. With the ability to select the intensity of stimulation (10 functions), you can choose the right program for yourself.

Shape-optimized head made of skin-friendly silicone gently envelops the clitoris or nipples.

The stimulating vacuum combined with the tension pulsation stimulates the clitoris without touching it and intensifies the stimulation of the orgasm points in an unprecedented way!

There are 10 air stim functions and 10 stem vibrating functions to choose from. Both functions are separately controlled. The vibrating end of the stem ends in a leaf-shaped protrusion that will wonderfully stimulate your sensitive places.

Amazing effect of stimulation and massage in one.

The control is very convenient, it is done with two buttons.

The built-in battery is charged via a magnetic USB cable.