Silicone Kegel Balls 32mm 200g Dark Pink – Boss Series


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Silicone Kegal Balls are the most discreet geisha balls in the world. They are made of excellent quality medical silicone.

Both balls are fully filled with a weight, which in turn intensifies the experience. Trained Kegel muscles can give a man and a woman more pleasure during sex. In addition, the pelvic floor muscles are responsible for holding the woman’s reproductive organs in place, as well as for continence of urine, which can cause problems, e.g. after pregnancy.

What are the benefits of systematic Kegel muscle training? First, the exercised muscles become stronger. Secondly, stronger muscles will make sex much more pleasurable for both of you. Just wearing the balls quivering inside is a lot of fun. Balls ensure maximum safety of use. Covered with the highest quality medical silicone. It is odorless, non-sticky and pleasant to the touch. Takes body temperature easily.


total length: 17 cm

diameter: 3.2 cm

Weight: 200g